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The philosophy

The philosophy of Cployer is to close the gap between site and management, make information flow easy and automatic. We believe that right information flow in all construction and manufacturing industries is key for efficient work.

For Consruction Companies

Track time of your construction team and create simple reports for free! Cployer was built to suit specific needs of construction companies. We have all essential features to simplify time sheets for your company.

Key features:

  • Time sheets filled via phone, tablet or desktop
  • Export time repports for project or employee
  • Time sheets stored in cloud and accessible anywhere
  • Easy to edit saved time sheets
  • Set hourly rates
  • Grafik illustration of worked hours

Features in development

  • HR platform for construction companies
  • Project administration
  • Financial repports

For Constulting Companies

Make filling in time sheets simple and fast and increase accuracy of your time reports. CPLOY allows your team to make time reports daily, without complicated log-in procedures. It takes just a few clicks to add time and you get an overview of all team activity as soon as time is added. Because it is easy to add time, your employees will spend less time on reports and more time on working, in the projects.

Key features:

  • Time sheets filled in via phone, tablet or desktop
  • Export time reports for project or employee
  • Time sheets stored in cloud and accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Easy to use for anyone
  • Set hourly rates for your team members
  • Add lunch, secondment, or mark as additional work in one click.
  • Financial overview

Available features on request

  • HR platform
  • Project administration
  • Integrate other business systems into Cployer platform

FREE version features

Try our free version. We have built it to give you all essentials for logging time in your projects.

worked hours statistics

Employees can always see worked hours and expected salary. It is easy to register time from phone, tablet or computer directly from work site or office. Employees can filter worked hours per chosen time period and projects.


Full overview

Administrator have full overview and control of added times and can make exports for time reports. Assign project manager to administrate your projects. Administrator and project manager can review, adjust and lock time entries.


summarised in financial overview

All added time in project is summarised in financial overview for administrator and project manager. You will know where you stand in your project on any given day. System is built both for fixed price and per-hour based contracts.

You can also add other project expenses and income to get a full and accurate project financial overview.


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